White Wings



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Data sheet

Type: White
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Amount: 1 hdp tsp
Brewing Temperature: 70°C
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Multiple Infusions: Yes
Takes Milk: No

More info

White Wings is an organically grown white tea from China. This perfectly picked and processed white tea is grown in the Yunnan region. The leaf is large and full of downy buds, the liquor is flowery, fragrant and full bodied despite its delicate looks. 




A classic white tea

A step up, and a bit more expensive than the basic Bai Mu Dan, this is a similar white tea that has the usual characteristics. It's a light, delicately-flavored tea, with pale green liquor and a slightly grassy scent. Like Bai Mu Dan, this is a voluminous tea, and you need about twice as much by volume as for a standard green or black tea.

The flavor isn't complex: it's got the taste of green teas, with a hint of oolong, with earthy and nutty overtones, and a hint of sweetness. It's not very long in the mouth, and it's a tea to drink when you want a relaxing warm cup of beverage. Since this kind of tea is fairly low in caffeine, compared to other greens, I like to drink this late in the afternoon or early evening.

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