Bamboo Smoked Dark Tea

Bamboo Smoked Dark Tea 30g

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Data sheet

Type: Dark
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Amount: 1 tsp
Brewing Temperature: 100°C
Brewing Time: 2 - 4 minutes
Multiple Infusions: Yes
Takes Milk: No
Suitable For Cold Brewing No

More info

Another of the smallholder Vietnamese co op teas. Young leaves harvested from old wild trees at altitude of 1200 meters. 

This is a dark tea (shou pu erh style), that has been packed into bamboo sticks and fired. Giving it a really quite wonderful smell and taste. 

This isn't smoked like a lapsang which is smoked over pine traditionally, it has a different smell and feel, softer, deeper more complex (if only there was a scratch and sniff feature on the internet), you can smell the dark tea underneath the smoke layer. 

The liquor is not as thick as a shou puerh would be and it has some of the energy (and minerality) of a sheng. The smoke has a bit of edge and does not dominate the flavours. You can't compare this to lapsangs, or either type of Pu Erhs. It is something very different to all three but with elements of each.

The steeps get a little thicker and a little more pronounced whilst keeping the same interplay between the elements. 

30g tub


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