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This is a Japanese rarity. It occasionally occurs in fields of Zairai bushes, where some of the leaves will appear yellow due to natural shading. It is now being intentionally made by shading plants 100% so the leaves are yellow/white instead of green. Shading is used in Japanese Tea making to increase the levels of amino acids, which are responsible for the umami flavours found in Japanese tea. Tencha (the raw material for matcha) and Gyokuro are both shaded before harvest for about two weeks.

The shading and very careful plucking of this tea, means the buds are incredibly tender, and it is traditional to eat the leaves with a little rice vinegar, soy sauce and a dash of miso after the seven steeps have been completed.

Add about 5g to the gaiwan. The recommended way to steep this tea is as follows.

1st Steep 50 degrees C and steep for 15 seconds

2nd steep 55 degrees C steep for 20 seconds

3rd Steep 60 and 20 seconds

4th steep 65 and 20 seconds

5th steep 70 and 20 seconds

6th steep 75 and 20 seconds

7th steep 80 and 20 seconds

Then add vinegar, soy and miso and eat the leaves.

The tea starts off very brothy, with strong umami notes, whilst also being sweet and having a bitter tang. By the end of the steeping it has morphed into a minerality and a astringency much like an aged Sheng Puerh.

10g pouch

Type: White
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Multiple Infusions: Yes
Takes Milk: No
Suitable For Cold Brewing Yes

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