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Most Japanese green teas are steamed, this is a pan fried tea from Kyushu area of Japan. Pan fried teas have a longer history in Japan than steamed ones, though today they make up a tiny percentage of Japanese teas and are only found in the South of Japan. 

The leaf is vibrant green, lightly rolled with a little curl to the leaf. The aroma of the dry leaf is similar to Sencha. Brew as a Sencha, though this tea can be brewed slightly hotter at 80 degrees. 

The liquor is clean, with soft umami notes, a marine layer and a light toasted aftertaste, (like lightly toasted french bread). It is less astringent than Sencha and very enjoyable. Would be good cold or ice brewed. 

Type: Green
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Amount: 1 hdp tsp
Brewing Temperature: 70-80 degrees
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Multiple Infusions: 2-3
Takes Milk: No
Suitable For Cold Brewing Yes

One of the best green teas I've had in a long time

An interesting tea, somewhat like a combination of a Long Jing and a Tamaryokucha, with a nice umami body, and hints of pyrogenic flavors, this is one of the best green teas I've had in a long time. I hope NbT can continue sourcing this.

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