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Sheng Pu Erh gets better with age. It is not hard to find aged beeng’s, and it is not that unusual to find aged shou Maocha (maocha is the word for unpressed/loose leaf pu erh) aged sheng maocha though is difficult to find. They tend to made from old pu erh trees, which are often claimed to be 100’s of years old though how true this claim actually is few seem to know.

The leaves are large and twisty, with a light fragrance. The liquor is dry, fruity and a has a little sharpness at the end. Not a tea to drink before a meal, it will make you feel really hungry, perfect for after or when you need an afternoon pick me up, or some evening clarity. You can adjust the temperature to change the notes and the balance of the tea. 70 degrees will pull out more of the sweet dry fruity notes, 100 degrees will sharpen the tea up, tone down the fruity notes and increase the dryness.

Like most Pu Erhs this tea will infuse many times,

Type: Dark
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Amount: 1 hdp tsp
Brewing Temperature: 75°C
Takes Milk: No
Suitable For Cold Brewing Yes

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