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Elderflowers are the blossoms of the Black Elder (Sambucus nigra) which like elderberries are used around the world in herbal treatments and in drinks – Elderflower “Champagne “is an esteemed country wine. The Italian liqueur Sambuca is flavoured with oil derived from elderflowers. Elderflowers have traditionally been used to treat influenza, colds and feverish illnesses, as well as hay fever

Dry appearance: mixed flowers and petioles; yellow to brown; no dust present. Dry aroma: a hint medicinal but not unpleasant

Infusion – aroma: a sweet aroma with hints of woodland
Liquor – visual: greenish amber liquor, slightly dull.
Liquor – taste: surprisingly sweet to taste, not at all the floral taste of fresh elderflowers, but warmly comforting.

Summary: altogether a more complete tisane than you might expect - potentially a great combination of tasting good whilst doing good.

Type: Herbal
Contains Caffeine: No
Amount: 1 hdp tsp
Brewing Temperature: 100°C
Brewing Time: 5 - 10 minutes
Multiple Infusions: No
Takes Milk: No


These are great quality elderflowers with a delicious flavour! What more is there to say? Most people are familiar with the delicate, refreshing flavour and this brew does not disappoint.

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