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You won't see tea which looks like this very often. Wild tea buds are picked from old tea trees growing in the Dehong in south west Yunnan.  The buds are dried in the sun. The roving teaman tells me that the distinctive shape is caused by a zinc deficiency. What ever the cause, they produce an unusual and quite wonderful brew. The liquor is almost clear of colour. The flavour is unique, not entirely unlike a white tea but with more fruity tones. 

Type: Green
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Amount: 1 tsp
Brewing Temperature: 80°C
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Multiple Infusions: Yes
Takes Milk: No

We have all enjoyed this

Splendid tea that reminded me that I do like green tea and should try it more often. The hint of astringency is refreshing. It feels quite full and is good for the afternoon and, sometimes, in the morning too.

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Light and unusual

On brewing this tea is perhaps a light amber colour, I found this paleness made it hard to determine if it was ready to drink. The flavour is very light without the typical green tea grassy notes and much more like a white tea. Subsequent steepings don't seem to release much more flavour.

An unusual tea, I'm glad I tried it I'm just not sure if it'll be one of my favourites but it might grow on me!

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An interesting tea!

I'm always intrigued by new and interesting teas. When I spotted this, I bought 100g, out of curiosity. It's a very light, floral tea, with subtle flavors. It feels low in caffeine, like a bai mu dan (white tea), and the liqueur is pale yellow. It's short in the mouth, but it's a very nice tea for when you don't want something too strong, and you just want a simple warm beverage. There are many other green and white teas that are more flavorful than this, but I'm enjoying this as an afternoon tea.

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