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Region: Thailand is not well known as a tea growing country, producing only a few hundred tonnes of mainly black tea for local consumption. However, in Doi Mae Salong located 45 km north of Mae Chan district in Chiang Rai province at an elevation of about 1,500 meters there are some excellent oolong and green teas produced. The average annual temperature of 25°C and crisp, cool air provides the ideal conditions for tea. Many of the tea bushes growing in Doi Mae Salong originated from Taiwan, and most of the tea production is Taiwanese-style, made by descendants of soldiers who defected from the Chinese Revolution in 1949.

Leaf: large ragged barely rolled leaves. Black to brown with some silver frosted tip and leaf. A promising sweet nutty aroma.

Infusion – visual: Dark green complete shoots, semi rolled but unbroken. Slight oxidation.

Infusion – aroma: a clean sharp green tea aroma with a floral, toasted, edge.

Liquor – visual: golden liquor, slightly dull and turbid

Liquor – taste:

First steep: more China than Japanese in character. Clean, slightly astringent, and with a hint of bitterness, but a fine buttery, nutty finish

Second steep: this enhanced the sweet buttery smoothness and diminished any bitterness.

Summary: an interesting green tea from an unusual area – improved by multiple steeping and we suspect that it will amply reward patient experimentation with time, temperature and multiple steeping.

Type: Green
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Amount: 1 tsp
Brewing Temperature: 80°C
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Multiple Infusions: Yes
Takes Milk: No
Suitable For Cold Brewing Yes

A very friendly tea with a somewhat casual personality

This tea conjures the over-used term "daily drinker" - a very friendly tea with a somewhat casual personality. Tastewise, it borders on being a lightly roasted oolong, but with a slightly nuttier flavour and a pleasant, mild astringency. I brewed it gongfu style - short infusions starting at a few seconds and progressing to up to maybe 30 seconds. This is probably the better way to brew this tea to avoid producing the bitterness referred to by another reviewer. One portion (I used about 4-5 grams) lasts many infusions - I got at least 7 or 8 and the tea was still going strong.


Patience Required!

Smells really good. First steep all I could taste was bitterness with a hint of grass. Definitely improved after this though, second steep the bitterness was less and third go the bitterness was much reduced, then I got more flavour and sweetness.

Still good flavour in the 4th steep!

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