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Background: Yamato was a former Province and was sometimes used as the name for Japan.  Sencha in Japanese means green tea – and is the standard style of tea in everyday use.  Sencha Yamato is a high-end version of Sencha, made towards the end of the season when the bushes have strengthened under warm summer sun.
Leaf: neat jade to olive green needles rolled in the traditional Japanese style promise quality in the cup.  The dry aroma has hints of biscuit.
Infusion – visual: broken olive green leaf
Infusion – aroma: the expected green, maritime, aroma of a Japanese steamed tea but unusually with a hint of floral
Liquor – visual: lemon yellow, slightly cloudy
Liquor – taste: the creamy, buttery taste of a good Sencha – balance astringency and brothy, with an intriguing hint of floral
On second steep – still lots of oomph.  Liquor the colour of sherbet lemons, and tasting sweeter and more rounded, but good and strong.
Summary: A very nice tea indeed.  It does not show the tenderness of spring – it has a more worldly character that will appeal to the experienced Japanese tea fan.
Type: Green
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Amount: 1 tsp
Brewing Temperature: 70°C
Brewing Time: 1 minutes for first steep, then add a minute for subsequent steeps
Multiple Infusions: Yes
Takes Milk: No
Suitable For Cold Brewing Yes

Classic Sencha

This sencha is a pale green/yellow colour with a grassy aroma almost like seaweed! The taste is smooth, sweet, and refreshing.


Relaxing bright green tea

The colour of this is really fantastic and it has that dry, grassy flavour that refreshes and then lingers on the back of the tongue. Very refined.

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