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Type: Flavoured Black and Green Tea: an unexpectedly eclectic mix of black tea, green tea, ginger pieces, fennel, cardamom, bergamot flavouring, rose petals and cornflower petals

Dry appearance: a colourful mix of green and black leaf with pink and blue petals and pale green seeds

Infusion – aroma: a distinct aroma of crushed fresh lemon leaves with the pervading sweetness of fennel

Liquor – visual: a slightly clouded pale greenish amber liquor

Liquor – taste: a hectic mix – top notes of lemon citrus with undertones of hot sweet spice – yet none of these completely overwhelm the black tea framework

Summary: the son of an Earl is a Viscount and this son is sufficiently wayward and wacky to make his father ‘tut tut’ – this tea is not your classic Earl Grey  - but it’s worth trying.  Youthful innovation may just be forgiven?

Type: Black
Contains Caffeine: Yes
Amount: 1 hdp tsp
Brewing Temperature: 100°C
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Multiple Infusions: No
Takes Milk: No

Surprisingly lovely

I am a bit of a fuddy duddy with tea, I like what I like. But, I tried a sample of Viscount Grey, and I am glad I did. It's warming, and smooth (even on first steeping) and fine without milk. It makes a lovely change to my usual Earl Grey, and it's really pretty! Definitely going to buy more of this one.


Tutti Frutti of tea!

good to wake up to in the morning, it slaps you round the chops with loads of surprisingly well balanced flavours.



Like masala chai and Earl Grey had a lovechild.

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Write a review

Black tea grown in China, green tea grown in China, ginger, pieces, fennel, cardamon seed, flavouring, rose petals, cornflowers.
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