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Stainless steel tea infuser with lid. Boxed. Has silicone lined handles for ease of use. Dishwasher safe, suitable for all teas and tisanes. Ideal for mugs and small to medium teapots.

diamter 7.6cm height 9cm



Perfect infuser

I know that the gold mesh infuser is the best one (because even top quality tea gets a few little bits, and the gold mesh keeps them all out of the cup) - but I have always thought it a little ugly, and I don't like the plastic, and it's not as strong as I'd like.

The shaped infusers are fun, but the larger mesh holes mean a lot of bits in the drink.

This infuser is perfect. Much more robust than the gold mesh one, much more stylish than the green plastic, much easier to scrub clean, and does the job of keeping my tea bit-free.

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Seems better than the cheaper mesh infuser

For several years, I've been using the cheaper mesh infusers. After about a year or so, I've tossed them, and bought a new one; I've never found a way to wash them, and with three or four cups of tea a day, they get dark and gunky.

I bought one of these, in the hopes that it will last longer. It looks a lot better: the stainless steel is solid, rather than a mesh, and the holes are slightly larger, so they won't get clogged. It's too soon to know how well this will age, but for now, it seems better than the other infuser.

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