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A selection of end of line and overstocked teas at a bargain price. The retail value of this box will be around £85. The box will contain differing teas.


Lots of variety

I'm on my 6th box since I started 2 years ago. I get excited when my box arrives and add all the teas into my spreadsheet. So far my average score (yes I'm sad) is 7/10.
I'm getting an average of 1700g at a retail cost of £120 per box. An absolute steal. Even if there are 2 teas that I really don't like, I'm still quids in.
I'd never know which tea to choose, so getting a mystery box takes the choice away from me. I will keep buying this product as long as nbtea keep selling it.

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Great value!

Mine ended up containing about 1.6 kg of tea, which was a mixture of flavoured black and green teas, oolong, redbush (quite a lot of redbush in this one) and fruit infusions, plus some oddball ones like Bamboo Berry that I've now got a taste for. A lot of it isn't available in the shop either, on top of it being unbeatable value for money and of course having the element of surprise!

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Tea, tea and more tea

I'm just into loose leaf tea, and don't know what I like, so a mystery pack seemed like a good idea.
I must admit I was shocked by the amount of tea. There were 11 packs amounting to nearly 2kg of tea and a quick look on-line looks like it's around £100 of tea. So a great value pack even if I don't like everything.
I've tried 5 different ones so far and only one I didn't like. There are some fruity ones in there that I didn't think I'd like, so I tried the one I thought I'd hate - Lychee - and it's actually quite nice.

My only complaint is that as these are out of stock items, there's no info on them at all, such as what temperature etc. An internet search doesn't help either as they seem to be supplier specific flavours. Still, this is a mystery pack and it's fun trying a new one.

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Lovely Suprise

A lot of tea!!! include some teas which you can not find in website :) Awesome! Mixed varieties black, green ,oolong, and others :)

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nice surprise

i was a bit sceptical if i needed £85 of tea, what if i get 2kg of awful flavoured stuff no one in their right mind would buy.?

Turns out its a great deal , nice mix of teas, black, green, oolong and rooibios so far only 2 i think that will be getting swapped -but still alot of bags to open

only criticism is way too much rooibos no one needs 2 x 250g bags plus a 100g bag - also its a mystery in every sense, sometimes even the brewing instructions (teas not on the current website)

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