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Type Green Tea
Contains Caffeine Yes
Amount 1 teaspoon
Brewing Temperature 75 deg C
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Multiple Infusions Yes
Takes Milk No

Deborah Smith

A high quality tea which is both subtle and rich with a good fragrance.

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A very good Long Jing

I've always liked Long Jing (as it's known in Chinese) as a morning tea. It has a bit of a bite, but it's still a classic green tea.

This particular batch is very good. It's smooth and supple, with a velvety texture, and the taste lingers for a long time in the mouth. It has a good balance of green-grass, nutty flavors, and the typical pyrogenic tastes of this tea. (Long Jing is slightly toasted in woks after being picked; this is done to stop the fermentation, and this is why the leaves are so flat.)

It's said you can rebred the leaves of this tea - make another cup or two using the same leaves - but I don't like doing this. I've also heard that Chinese people often eat the leaves. That's up to each individual; I'd rather just drink it.

  • 2 von 2 Kunden fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

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