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Type Green Tea
Contains Caffeine Yes
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Multiple Infusions Yes
Takes Milk No

Ethereal (With Reservations)

The last shipment of Temple Of Heaven that I received is smooth, light and refreshing. And brewing for more than a couple of minutes does not make the taste bitter. Wonderful. My reservation is that the previous shipment tasted quite smoky (even more so than the Gunpowder), which put me off this tea for a while. So I am wondering if the quality of the tea can vary considerably between batches? But presently this is the tea I drink most of, and I am glad that my last purchase was of 1kg.


My go-to tea

I am amazed at how many teabags and instant coffees have been ousted from my daily life by this tasty tea. Some green teas are far too grassy-tasting for me, but this has a beautiful delicate flavour without being at all bland, & I never get tired of seeing the folded-up leaves uncurling as it brews. A smallish teaspoonful will make two good brews: I once tried to go to 3 infusions but it was far too thin on the 3rd attempt!

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Very tasty and refreshing tea. Sweet and not too strong. Subsequent infusions are good too!

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