Tamaryokucha Green Tea


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Tamaryokucha is a unusual style of Japanese green tea.

Japan has not been making enough tea for it is own consumption for years, so they have taken Japanese clones, and Japanese tea expertise to China to try and meet the growing demand for Japanese teas. Some of the more unusual Japanese style teas are now becoming available, this is one of them.

Tamaryokucha means coiled tea. It has a small twisted dark green leaf, with a bright green liquor and a hint of nuttiness in the cup.

Type Green Tea
Contains Caffeine Yes
Amount 1 teaspoon
Brewing Time: 2 - 3 minutes
Multiple Infusions Yes
Takes Milk No

Fragrant and light

A really refreshing fragrant green tea. Don't be fooled by the light colour, this has plenty of flavour!


Delicate and relaxing

This tea is so light in colour that it doesn't look brewed when it is. It has a unique flavour, like sencha but without many of the grassy notes and with something for every part of the palate.

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