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Tea Advent Calender



Count down to Christmas with our tea advent calender.

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0Count down to Christmas or Yule with our tea advent calender. Every day you can open the days packet and discover a new tea. Each day will have two mugs worth of tea leaves of a different tea. Some of the teas will be teas from our list, some will be teas from my special tea cupboard and some will be teas whiI could only source in small amounts.

If you want a 20 day rather than the 24 day version just send us a message.

The will despatch on the 17th of November.


2018 and 2019 were excellent

Obviously can’t review 2020 but I now look forward to buying this in December. A mix of white, green, black (including puer) and flavoured teas and some you can’t buy. It’s great to try teas I wouldn’t normally choose and each year is different. I use a mix of gong fu and normal tea pot to brew them depending on the tea.

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