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Type Black
Contains Caffeine Yes
Amount 1 teaspoon
Brewing Temperature 100 deg C
Brewing Time: 2 - 4 minutes
Multiple Infusions No
Takes Milk Yes

Delicious tea!

Thanks Quinnan for sending the sample of Assam Halmari, much appreciated. It was really nice but lacked the vibrant flavour of the Assam Moran, so let's hope you get some more Moran in soon!


Super tea

I like a strong and yet smooth tea and this tea is just that! Wonderful and really recommend. I drink this from
Morning till night


Lovely smooth Assam tea

I've bought Assam from many suppliers and this is my favourite. Very smooth flavour even though it is strong and it's nice to drink black ( which many Assam's aren't, they need milk to counteract the bitterness).
Also very economical as I find I need to use a smaller amount to get the same nice deep bronze coloured brew that I like


Daily go to

This tea is my daily go to for a morning cup when i get into work. I personally use about 2 TSP for a large cup of tea.

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