Ethical & Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We only use unbleached cardboard packaging which can be recycled and reused. Our teas are protected with packing beads, but ours made from starch, and are biodegradable. You can eat them (though I don’t recommend it), If you pour water on them the starch breaks down and they shrink. We also use brown paper to fill postal packing, which is easy to recycle and still protects the teas. We use paper tape to seal packages.

Our teas are packed in foil laminate stand up pouches with a ziplock. This is the best packaging we have found so far (though if anyone finds anything better please let me know). They protect the tea from light and moisture and let you as a customer keep it at its best. They are recyclable but not all local authorities offer this. If yours doesn’t you can collect the pouches, return them to me for recycling and I will give you a credit against a future purchase. We are in the process of switching over the 10g, 100g and 250g pouch sizes to kraft foil pouches (they are not yet available in the larger pouch sizes). If your local authority does not recycle these they can be returned to me for recycling and a store credit.

All of our cleaning products are biodegradable, we use reusable tasting cups, biodegradable bin bags and constantly review our practices looking for ways to be greener.


Business Ethics

We don’t sell or pass on your information to third party’s (the exceptions to this are to Royal Mail so we can get your teas to you).  I spent a lot of time making sure they didn’t store any data and they only contact customers for feedback. I don’t and won’t engage in any marketing I am uncomfortable with or I don’t like encountering as a customer myself.

Fairly Traded

We believe very strongly in the idea of fair trade. We buy as much of our tea as we can as close to source as possible, and paying fairly for them. It is another reason loose leaf teas are better than tea bag teas (do the maths!).



I don’t and won’t advertise anywhere which promotes division and hate or conflicts with my values. If you do see an ad for Nothing But Tea somewhere that does, please let me know so I can deal with it.  #stopfundinghate