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A durable reusable tea filter made from fine gold gauze designed for use in mugs and cups; it takes the hassle out of loose tea brewing, making it easier to enjoy our top quality loose teas. Easy to use, easy to clean and hygienic. Allows plenty of space for the tea leaves to move and expand, to give you the perfect cup of tea every time.

Diameter 63mm x 76mm - Fits all mugs and small to medium teapots.

Diameter   70mm x 100mm - Fits large mugs and larger teapots 





The first and only strainer I've come across which doesn't leave sediment in my tea. The mesh is extremely fine, so the tea stays inside the infused, but plenty of room for it to move around.

I've bought a number of these for myself (work and home), friends and family and they really are wonderful. Delighted with my purchases.

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