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The 'Nothing But Tea' team are tea professionals who work only with tea.

Yes, we have to admit that we do get excited and enthusiastic about tea. Real tea that is, not the bland brown supermarket stuff.

Teas with history, teas with distinctive tastes, teas from named estates, teas that have been lovingly made by hand, teas that are as much a pleasure to behold as to drink.

But, unless you can travel the world on an unlimited budget and with endless time to discover the best origins, real tea is not always easy to find.

So, many people buy insipid supermarket teas while they yearn for the real thing.

So, we thought,
why not...

  • Make a distinctive selection of the very best and most interesting teas of the world?
  • Choose specialty teas, premium teas, gourmet teas, from named origins and named estates?
  • Import teas direct from the producers by air freight to ensure absolute freshness?
  • Advertise on the Internet to reach a discerning and enquiring audience?
  • Provide full background information about the brewing and tasting of teas, and provide answers to all your questions?
  • Offer these attractive teas by mail order at affordable prices?
  • And offer swift turnaround of your order?

Yes, we would do all of these!

And so Nothing But Tea was born.


Eight out of ten cups of tea in the United Kingdom are brewed from a teabag.

So why did we put no teabags on the original Nothing But Tea list?

Teabags are a wonderful invention for speed and convenience, rush and hurry, but the penalties for this are reduction in brewing quality and the blandness of the packers blend.

We fervently believe that, if you are seeking perfection in tea drinking, you will only find it by brewing from loose leaf tea.

Relax and brew from loose leaf.

Come and visit our online shop where you can purchase a huge range of speciality teas, tea starter kits and tea gifts!

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